How Lymphatic Drainage is Anti Aging


Lymphatic drainage plays an important role in any health or anti aging regime on a number of fronts. Not only does it improve overall skin tone, getting proper lymph flow and detoxification helps with healthy cell renewal.

In a nutshell the lymphatic system is a pumping system made up of lymph nodes and lymph fluid. Lymph fluid is one of the body’s mechanisms for carrying away toxins placing them in the bowel or pushing them through the skin for removal. When you have lymphatic drainage work most people notice a strong smell coming from their skin. This is the oxidation of the toxic chemicals being released.

A quick way to see if your lymph system is blocked or overburdened is to lightly touch your face and skin on your forearm and upper arm with your finger tips. If the skin feels spongy or like swam water, your lymphatic system is sluggish and in need of help. The deeper the sponginess the more severe the blockage.

When the lymphatic system becomes blocked in the nodes and fluid and or the pumping system slows down due to inactivity and weight gain, the system fails to remove the body’s toxins. This not only affects the look of your skin, it also effects your immune system through lack of good white blood cell count production.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Work

Lymphatic drainage opens up the blockages in the lymph nodes and stimulates the body’s pumping system. In this way the toxins begin to be released. The results vary from client to client but most people can expect the following:

  • Immediate uplifting in energy
  • You feel like you could run a marathon
  • Inch loss (in most cases)
  • Brighter firmer skin
  • Relieves pain (particularly arthritis pain)
  • Reduces swelling and fluid retention
  • Speeds up healing (particularly skin abrasions and burns)
  • Deep sense of relaxation
  • Promotes healing and overall health

Some people can and do experience a detox reaction in the form of a headache or tiredness. This is caused by too many toxins being released all at once. This happens usually in overweight and very toxic bodies that are dehydrated. If you are going to take on lymphatic drainage work be sure to quit drinking alcohol, sodas, sugary drinks, coffee and caffeinated tea as well as red meat and dairy for at least 3 days prior to the work and also during. Drink at least 10 glasses of purified non-fluoridated water daily to flush out the toxins. This will got a long way to preventing a detox reaction. Doing a bowel cleanse prior to lymphatic work is also recommended and keeping your colon open 3-4 times a day is important. You may need to take extra fiber if you do not eliminate that many times in one day.

Manual versus Mechanical Treatments

Whether you choose to have a manual lymphatic drainage massage or mechanical one with Lumology, Endermolie, the Derma Ray and Jade Esthetics Massage, any lymphatic drainage is better than nothing. Both can be very relaxing and enjoyable. Manual massage can be more relaxing as pulsing is used to open up the lymph nodes. However, mechanical lymphatic drainage is faster and more efficient at opening up the lymph nodes and getting pumping action happening. It is also more effective for weight loss. The Derma Ray combination with Jade Esthetics Massage is deep and very fast and has the added bonus of leaving your skin looking young, new and silky.

For health and well being purposes doing 6 lymphatic drainage sessions within 3 weeks twice a year in spring and autumn is recommended. For anti aging purposes 3 every turn of the season a year for slim people and 6 times every turn of the season for overweight people. Bottom line is in this toxic world we live in lymphatic drainage does play a very important role in over all health, prevention of disease and is good to add to your anti aging routine.


Source by Janet Jeffreys

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