How to Choose the Best Anti Aging Face Cream


Is it time to start using an anti aging face cream? Are you too young or are you too wrinkled already that nothing will do the trick for you anymore?

Well, you are never too late to start taking care of yourself and to start moving towards a better complexion and you’re never too young to start having precautions that can be essential to the future of your skin.

If you are under 25-30 you should not recur to a full on anti aging face cream; instead you should look for a face cream that is hydrating and is in accordance to your skin type.

 If you have a mixed or oily skin don’t think you don’t need hydration you do, because oil and sebum is not hydrating it only gives the shinny appearance that may look like you are hydrated when you really are not. Your skin needs the proper care hydration wise because the best anti wrinkle treatment you can give your skin is keeping it hydrated.

An anti aging face cream, at this point, only makes sense if you have an hormonal unbalance that is causing your skin to age earlier, and in this case, you will need a very specific treatment, otherwise a good hydrant face cream should be all your need.

There are anti aging face creams in the market today for this age range but they are actually just preventive measures, they boost your hydration and give some skin food for our cells to keep producing all the goodies, melamine, and collagen and so on.

When you’re over thirty you can start thinking about the use of anti- aging creams , specially for body parts like elbows, knees, feet, hands, neck, bosom and cleavage line and, of course your face, specially the area around your eyes and mouth, which are the ones that tends to start showing aging signs first.

Over 30 to 40 you can start consulting with your dermatologist so he can assign you the best anti aging face cream that will help you stay young and fresh for many years yet to come; A few treatments in spas and clinics can also be necessary and massages are advisable to keep the blood flowing because your face also has vessels and veins that sometimes, with age, tend to make little blue vein lines on your face that cause an old age look.

You should also include as part of your anti aging treatment a good sunscreen, because, sun we love you, but you’re really a pain when it comes to aging our skin.

Collagen production boosters are necessary at this time of your life and you should look for anti aging creams that will not only have collagen in its composure but will also help your skin produce it naturally.

Over 40, the best anti aging creams that you can use are still the ones that match your skin needs but at this point, you should look for lotions with anti oxidants, retinoic acid, collagen and fillers. Those are the substances that your body won’t produce in enough quantities anymore, which cause the wrinkles to become more profound and hard to treat.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you consult with a specialist to help you choose what are the best anti aging face creams for your special case but bear in mind this is something you’ll need to use regularly if you want to keep young and healthy on the outside.


Source by Maria Andrew

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