The Relationship Between Memory And The Brain


The brain is the main psychomotor of every human activity; the brain controls everything that happens in the human system. It is very important to maintain sound lifestyle if anyone is to enjoy a good successful life. There are quite a number of things that can have a positive or negative influence on the mind development. Research has it that the mind learns and affects thoughts which are influenced by the surrounding setting an individual finds himself in, this proven by the different personalities exuded by people in different stages of their lives.

An individual who had an opportunity to good upbringing while they were children more often than not have acceptable lifestyle as compared to those who had a bad upbringing, it is imperative for parents to bring up children in settings which will help the child bear positive mind developments towards life. There is a lot of activities that happens in the memory and the brain of an individual. Understanding the different states of the brain is very important when breaking down information which regards the functioning of the brain.

The brain is divided into two; namely the right and the left hemisphere. Each part of the brain has distinctive function in the overall functioning of the body. Research reports that the function each brain organ are inverted to the other; the right brain hemisphere controls the left part of the body whereas the right hemisphere controlling the left part of the body; individual who may want to make a light joke off this phenomenon may state that the mind operations acts are placed in such a way to appraise the other; when one digs deeper on and thinks on this light joke then they may not fail to realize lots of sense in it.

Communication in the brain are done on a very complicated network which is full of brain neurons, these brain cells utilize minute electric charges to pass over information from one neuron to the other. The overall systems in which neuron are harbored is called the nerve system. Each brain function in the nerve system brings alive the intangible state of the brain which is called the mind; the mind process thoughts, emotions, feelings as these are the main language the brain understands.

The mind exists in two states namely the conscious and the subconscious mind; the conscious mind is often referred to as the aware state of the mind. Research has it that the conscious mind processes 10 percent of an event whereas the remaining 90 percent processed in the subconscious mind; even with this fact each mind is mutual to the other and none can function without the other. The conscious mind acts as a curtain to the subconscious mind, this limited access to the subconscious mind acts as preventive measure to negative inclinations.

The subconscious memory and the brain work hand in hand to affect functions in the brain system. Negative memory towards a specific activity always creates a shy away from that activity, whereas a positive memory towards an activity creates a liking and more habitual tendency towards that activity. It is very important to have a positive lifestyle so as to dictate what is positive and negative in regards to standards set by the human community.


Source by Chris D Cruz

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